FysKam Membership Athenaeum

Want to join Fyskam?

FysKam is the student society for Bachelor and Master students in physics at Uppsala University. That said, students of any stripe are welcome here if they so please.

Membership is completely free, and mostly a way to track the number of active members. However, being a member also makes you eligible for additional perks. The main one being the right to exchange currency for the foods, drinks, and sweets that are usually available in our assigned room, Skamvrån.

Once you sign up for membership, you will remain a member for one year. One month before the membership expires, you will be sent an email containing a link through which you can extend it another year. If the link is not used, your membership will be terminated once the full year has passed. However, if you would like to get out immediately for some reason, You can do so at any time here.

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